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  * Album I.








                Twin~♥~Flame Sacred Texts









    The Present of The First Light . . . Is Love
  The Present of Love . . . Is, that Everything it

            Touches, Becomes Sacred











Guardian of The Violet Flame








         I AM . . . At Your Service







                 Written in §tar§

                     Written in §tar§

                Written in §tar§



              Written in §tar§


                 Written in §tar§



               Written in §tar§



               Written in §tar§



              Written in §tar§



               Written in §tar§



               Written in §tar§



               Written in §tar§



                Written in §tar§



                 Written in §tar§                 Written in §tar§ *Ah'Zhu Ra~Ma Dha

                        Di'a Le Ah'Ma Sha

                        Dha Na Ra'eA Le

















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Made by . . .

RaKa Isha ~ Otto J. ~ EliA

2013, Copyright ©













Creative Writer, Intuitive Twin~♥~Flame Reader 





                                                                                                   Written in §tar§




            * Album II.








                       Arc Angel Art ©





                Merkabah Activated ©





                      Twin~Flame Hologram ©





                      Universal Song of Love ©





                       Light Being Love ©





                        The Day of Love ©





                         In Every Breaht ©





                         Source Energy Art ©





                         To See ... To Be One ©





                         Integration and Divine Union ©





                         24.Strands of Light ... Heart Work ©





                         Sacred Star Sphere ©





                          Divine Blueprint and Divine Plan 2012 ©





                          Five Pure Lights Grounded Universal Love and Light ©





                           In Seeing All as One ... One Sees All ©




                           All Journey in Rich Love and Light ©





                           Highest Good Greatest Service Divine Plan ©





                    Union and Presence ©





~New Earth Rising~

The Universal One in Me ~♥~ Beholds The Universal One in You

                            ~I Love U~

Living in The Consciouss Creativity ... Is, Living in The Colour of The Sound of The Rainbow Flow
Freelly ... Moving as Sound ... As The Light
In The Spirit of Truth, Love, Goodness, Beauty ... Unifying

Loving All, in Everything and in Everywhere
Co~Creativity is Awaiting The Dyscovery ... And The Co~Creation of The Golden Era on The Earth




ArtWork Source . . .

Arc Angel Art, Sacred Source Center©















                           *  Album III. 

                 ( UNDER CONSTRUCTION )





























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