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It s not an official school . It's not a Religion . It s not a Sect . Not a Secret Society . It's not a Forum. Yet .. .
It s not a Speace of masters and followers, nor any kind of hierarchy . Nor is a Space of Establishing statuses, whatsoever .







The Purpose of The Twin~Flame Awakening, is not to start a Revolution of any kind, against anything, especailly any kind of dogma . Or so it Seems . . .


Twin~Flame Awakening is Devoted to Spiritual Freedom and The Ultimate Truth, as a Result of The Source Wisdom Altering .
As Having The Pure Freedom of The Soul, for Everyone, to find their own Twin~Flame ... And The Recognition of The Challenges, on The Sacred Path .
To Awaken The Flame, The Light within ... As, to Awaken The Light of The Source Flame, in All others ...
Is not Intended to Give certainties, yet to provide Inspiration for All on a Path of The Awakened Divine Dis~Content .

The Sacred Mystic Rose Twin~Flame Awakenign Series, is Intended to Be Perceived as TransMultiDimensional Consciousness Altering Portal ...
A Path, Created by The Source of Everyone, for Everyone .




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Life Experience . . . Is Meeningful to The Extent, that You Choose to Live . . . In a Natural Harmony, with The Multidimensional Aspects of Divine Essence . . . When Your Personal Reality Flows in Alignment with The Divine Essence . . . You Create Eternal Joy and Inner Peace















'And when One of 'them', Meets, The Other Half ... The Actual Half of The Soul...The Pair is lost ... In an Amazement of Love, and Friendship of Divine Intimacy... One, Will not Be out of The other's Sight, not Even for a Moment.

If Hephaestus, Son of Zeus, were to ask The Pair...
'Do You Desire to Be Wholly One.. Always, Day and Night... To Be, in OneAnother's Company ?

For if this, is what You Desire ... I am Ready to Melt You in~to One, and Let You Grow Tougether ... That, Being two, You Shall Become One. And, after Your Death in The World ... Beyond, You Will Still Be One Ascended Soul...
I ask, whether this is, what You Lovingly Desire ?'

And there is not a Man or Woman of them who, when they heard The "Proposal", would not Acknowledge ... That this, Melting ... In~To OneAnother ... This, BeComing One, instead of two...Was The Very Essential Expression, of The Ancient Divine Cosmic Impulse ...
And The Reason Being ... Is, The HuWoMan Nature, was Original One. We, were Whole ...


And, The Desire to Pursuit and Quest of The Whole ... Is Called Love.'


 Plato , Symposium










Through The Infinite Light . . . We Experience Infinite Love









I AM . . . At Your Service














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*Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure, Dis~Eases or Illnesses. Nor, is to Be Presented in any way as a Substitute, for Professional Medical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment. *
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