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 In~To The Source WisdOM
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                                                     Quo Vadis




















The Universe is In You . . . The MultiVerse, Flows, throue You . . . The OmniVerse, Reflects itself on~of from You







The ParaGraphs of Cosmic Creation are Imprinted in Your Soul Coding, or The Soul Blueprints . . . The Cosmic Soul, Eminates The Rays of Light, in~throue The Portal of Your Illuminated Chakras . . . 





Entering The Beyond of Your Soul~Core Essence, Will Light up The StarGates . . . Esoteric, as Exoteric . . . Now, You are in "The Space" of Sacred Source Laws







The Creational Forces of The Primodial Genesis . . . Is where The God~deS Source Originates . . . Beyond All The Personal Universal Forces, Beyond All The Impersonal ~ Raw Universal Forces . . . Beyond The Dymensionalization . . . Is The Field, where Illuminated Ascended, Wholly Merged in Unity Integration, Completed in TransAwakening Re~Incarnational Cyclic Processes, Twin~Flames are Creating The Last Act of Cosmic Universal Exhaled Ascension, in The Inhaling Presnet Etheric Impulse of Life . . . Beyond All The Dymensionalization Processes, of All Creation, in The Cosmic Inhale~Exhale from The Sacred Breath of Omniscient Sentient Being







The Ascended Twin~Flames, Entering The Divine Beyond of The Dymensionalization, Will Reveal themSouls to You, throue The Codes, Symbols, Images, Signs, Omens, as Your Light Body of The Soul, May Alter as well this Divine Field of Existance . . . The AndroGenous Beings, Known in III.D as Completed in Ascensions Twin~Flames, are Infused with The Pure Love of The Source Light . . . Still, with Intention of Benevolance Cause, they Remain UnSeen to HuWoMan Beings of duality . . . Nevertheless, Helping EverySoul on a Pure Sacred Path of Integrating in Divine Ascension, into back Home










You are Here~Now within The Great Cosmic Inhale, where All of The Everythings in Alpa~Omega Existance, is going into The Infinity Loop of The Primodial Breathing Exhaled Exhalation. . . Breathe . . . You . . . Inhale The Light of Creation . . . Exhale The Love In Formation
















From The Cosmic Source of Fussed Impulse of Life, The Ascended Twin~Flames are Being in The Perfected Form of God~deS Source Divine Possible, Holding The OmniVersal Electric Magnetic Scalar Wave in Stillness, Pro~Action MultiPotential















You See . . . The Stars, are You . . . The Stars, were You . . . Your Cosmic Mother~Fahter Source, Wishes You to All~Ways Remember Love, and to Enjoy, this Life Journey . . .  All You Have, Is Here~Now . . . And Beyond that, is All~Ways OmniYou, Existing within The Infinitye Field of Endless Possibilities, Yet, out of Reach . . .  Beyond
























                                              I AM ☥ SIGNET AMENTI



































                          What You Quest

Is Questing You

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