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  Welcome Back . . .


 As of 2014, we are Pleased to  Announce

 our Website Has Moved.

 The New Website, or better Yet, a

 Wealthy Personal Blog with a

 Rich Excellent,

 InterActive Dynamic Spiritual Esoteric

 Content of A High Vibrational

 Light in Love, is Now  at The Moment

 Under Construction and Will

 Be Open for Service in No

 Time. Stay Tuned and Feel Free

 to E~mail any Burning  Questions,

 You  May Have Regarding this Transition

 We Thank You for Your Understanding

 As this site, is no longer Active .




Infinite Light ~ Harmonic Light Messengers


What You Love The most ... Set it Free

When it comes back to You, then is Trully Yours .

When it doesn t ... Then, is was Never Mented to Be Yours


~ Socrates ~

























 Allow Me to Serve Your Awareness


     While Holding The Space










Throue MultiLevelar Veils, AEons after AEons . . . You ve fallen,

out of The Divine Rememberance . . . All~Ways Questing,

for The Source . . . The Light




You Had forgotten on Your Origins . . . You Had forgotten, where You Came from, and where to, You are Going to Return . . . You Had forgotten Your Home . . . Your Rememberance of

Your Soul Home Source, Has Been dissolved . . . Into The III.Dymensionality of Your Current Existance 




New Age of The Golden Earht Cycle

in Aquarius, Has Given Birth of A

New Generation of Light Messengers . . . Incarnated on

Earht to Be Assisting You with

Your Divine Rememberance of The Source Love





We All, are on a Quest for Light . . . The Light of The Source Love

in Pure Pro~Action . . . The Light

of The Heart . . . Spiritual Light, in its Supremest OmniScient Way, Exists inside Your Soul . . . Activated, by The Divine Dis~Content, Your Pure Force of

Love in Light, Will Create a Grand Vortex of Perpetual In~Fluxed Flow of The Original Creational Force,

of The Sacred Fire . . . Your Internal Esoteric IntraParsonal Genesis in Divine Awakening of Your Primary Current Streams of Merged

Integrated Sacred Feminine with Sacred Masculine . . . In a Parfect Harmony, The Creational Force of Trinity in Divinity, The

Twin~Flame Light, Generates Enegry, MultiExpanded throughout All The Universes, Beyond Dymensionalizational Reincarnations





Twin~Flame Love in MultiDymensional Ascension, is The Purest, Ultimate Supreme Force of Light Ever Imaginable in Existance .

Twin~Flame Light, Holds a Charged Potential of Balanced Harmony in Life, thus Restoring All The Light Grids and Sacred Templates, throue The Quantum Harmonic Oscillation, into a Parfect Equilibrium, in MicroCosmus, as

on MacroCosmic Sphere





Twin~Flame Light Love of The

Sacred Fire from The Primodial Eternal Scalar Fields, Charges Your Energy Currents with Primary Bliss, thus Illuminating All of Your

Energy Wheels, All Your Being . . . Restoring You into Tranquil Zen Wellness of Existance, Holding You in a Space of Infinyte Ecstasy





Multiple Twin~Flames, Hold

Encounters on Astral Realms, or

in Dreams, Even DayDreams . . . Twin~Flames, are Currently Integrating Polarities on a Cosmic Level . . . The Fire, Burning in

Your Soul, Has Been Imprinted into Your Soul Core Essence, in The

Momnet of Your Creation, just for this Cause . . . An Effect, is The Moment of Your Soul Light Awakening, of Your Divine Rememberance . . . That,

was The Genesis of Your Soul





In an On~Going Moment of

Space~Time Continumm, You

OmniExists in Your Soul . . . The Field of The Infinitye

Possibilities, is where Your Spiritual Self, Alters into III.D Manifestations . . .       





You Have an Immortal Soul

Flare, by Flare . . . Divine Awakening, Sparks Illumination of

The Soul . . . You Awaken into The Rememberance of The Soul . . . You Remember, Your Twin~Flame Presence . . . You Remember Your Twin~Flame

Soul Core Wound . . . You Remember Your Divine Imprint, of The One . . . And You Listen in Complete Joyfull Recognition, as Your Twin~Flame Sings, Your Unique Sacred Soul Song . . . You Awaken . . . Into Parfect Rememberance . . . You are Home . . . You, are Love . . . You are Your Twin~Flame 





You Have Touched, The Sacred

Source of Pure Love in Existance . . . The Light of The Source Love, Gently Excites Your Soul Core Essence . . . This is an Awakening . . . Your, most

Intimate Cosmic Awakening . . .

Into The Divine Immortal Love,

of The Twin~Flame Violet Ligth Ray Purple Heart






You Have Received, The Primary Initiation, into Sacred Wisdom of

The Source Love . . . The Sacred Wisdom of The Mystic Rose Heart . . . The Sacred Wisdom of The Heart

of The Source Light in OmniCreational Potential of HyperExistance . . . You, Now Hold The Spark of The Sacred Light in

Your Heart . . . Within Ever Expanding Love Frequency of Mystic Bliss






     Now Go and Make Love






    And All~Ways Remember

  The Light . . . Is in Your Heart








        I AM . . . Signet Amenti







 Your Soul Light Mystic Heart Sage




   I AM . . . At Your Service






Eli ✧ ConTemplation§

Thursday, November 21, 2013 3:05 PM • Anonymous
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 6:26 AM • Anonymous
Wednesday, October 02, 2013 11:55 PM • Anonymous
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 5:14 AM • Anonymous
Monday, September 16, 2013 4:49 PM • Anonymous
Saturday, September 14, 2013 5:40 PM • Anonymous
Friday, September 13, 2013 4:43 PM • Anonymous











































































































  "Love . . . Knows, and Hears The Song of Your Soul

     in   Your Heart . . . And Sings it back to You,

         when You've forgotten The Lyrics"













          CLASSIC             ADVANCED            



















You Are Now Entering The Mystic Light Portals of Inner

Wisdom of The Soul, The Sacred Teachings

of The Ancient Creation in Pro~Action Potential,

HyperDimensional distortions Illuminations,

Divine In~Tuned Alignments, The Complete Soul Ascension

Explanations, Imprinted Soul Song Awakening,

TransDimensional  Spiritual Sphere, and The MultiDimensional

Descension Path, into The III.D of Here~Now Continuum,

Described  in The Ancient Sacred Texts, as a Great Cosmic

fall . . .

Known, in this Universe as a Soul Monad Integration

Golden Age Path Purpose, into The Divine Source of All . . .

The Esoteric Mystic Intention is Pure Love .

Beyond The Veils of III.D, Your Cosmic Illumination,

is Presented to You through Zen Insights

of The Meditative Thought, Charged by The Anahata Serene

Sound of Celestial Realms Melody . . .



You are Entering The Sacred Light in Love

Infinite Wisdom Zone . . .





Please, Enjoy Your Immortal ∞ Voyage

















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Please See Above . . .

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $2,147,483,647.00

























The Ever Evolving Content, Written or Explained
on   this website,
is an Altered State IntraPersonal Experience, and
Telepathic Channelling through The Ancient Light Being
Illuminated Intelligent Templates of The InterDimensional
Higher Inner Divine Soul Frequency Band Spectrum in Direct
Cognition .

The Energetic Movement of Consciousness, S
Unconsciousness, Superconsciousness, Metaconsciousness
Flowing, is in Infinite Motion .
Variety of The Material Presented Here,
as a Reflection of Transcedental On~Going Ascension
Initiated Meditative ConTemplations, through a Deep,
Cosmic Expanded Awareness  of The Source Creational
Genesis of All The Existances, and
through a Series of an Altered Higher Dimensional Spheres,
as Beyond The Dimensionalization Incarnational
Infinitie Cycles .
Is Providing a Portal of Pure Light Messeges, Focused on
The Heart Love of The Source . With an Intention for All,
to Experience an Expanded Source Consciousness thourgh
Multiple Fields, or Channels,
while Entering The New Golden Age Cycle .

The Sacred Rose of The Twin~Flame Awakening Mystic Light
Portal, is a Path or a Divine Ancient Mystic Esoteric Way,
Referred as Integrating Pollarities, or   Sacred Source Merging,
or Trinity of Divinity.
All The Content, is Presented to The Visitor s Soul
with The Inspirational Poetic Creational Impulse, for The
Spiritual Individualized Advancement,
and is for Your Personal discernment only .

Please, Honor The Light Messenger HyperConsciouss

Advanced Spiritual Service,
and Integrate what Resonates   with You Personally,
and discard The rest .
The Sacred Source Light Wisdom of The Pure Purple Heart,
Belongs to All of HuWoManity, as All The In~Formations,
are in Harmony with Divine Unity, Freedom, Compassion
and Higher Understanding of Existence for All Beings,
to become The Revealed Prophecised Flame of The Light
in a Perpetual Inner Experiences of The Infinite Bliss,
Emanating, from The Eternal Source of All.



All Paths~Portals Ultimately Flow, in~to The One.
I AM Divine Source of The Creation
I AM Light in Love








Love The Truth.

This is Earthly Illumination . . .
Become The Truth.

Is Divine Illumination . . .
You are The Truth.

The Supreme Illumination


















                     ~ Thank You Being ~


Welcome to The Sacred Mystic Rose In a Twin~Flame Light Awakening














                     Transcendental Creative Writer

                    Intuitive Twin~~Flame Reader





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                         Terrance Melcher

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                    Guardian of The Violet Flame

                    All Rights Reserved

















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on The Current Twin~Flame Wisdom.

It Will Be All~Ways Here for You.














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